Our Ministries / Departments


The church office is the administrative engine room of the church. It is responsible for maintaining and organizing the financial, administrative and compliance records of the church. The Church Office works with other departments of the church to ensure that the vision and mission of the church becomes a reality.


Children ministry is a ministry that caters for the spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual growth of children below the age of 18.  Our goal is to impact the love of Jesus in the lives of the children so that they can reflect it down to the society at large.

Some of our annual activities are:
  • Summer camp
  • Hallelujah Night


USHERING:  In any church, the Ushers are somewhat the “face” of the church in the sense that they mark the first impression of the church onto the visitors of the church.  At TOG, the Ushers work to make that first impression memorable. Basically, the Ushering team ensures to welcome warmly the members/visitors on their arrival as they are being directed to their seat. In order to foster the success of the services, the Ushers help maintain proper decorum and orderliness in the house of God. Other duties of the Ushers include: collection of offering, distribution of bulletin, documentation of the church statistics and amongst many others.

The Ushering team endeavors to meet at least once every month to discuss challenges facing the department and ways to further improve performances to meet up with standards.  Like every other department, the team is glad to have new members in their midst and hope to make their experience as Ushers, evergreen. In the nutshell, the teams’ goal is to “usher” the congregation into the presence of the Lord.


In both the Old and New testaments, we see God’s desire for his children to show compassion to the poor and needy. Jesus said that the poor would always be with us (Matthew 26:11; Mark 14:7;) and in Proverbs 19:17 we are told that whoever gives to the poor lends to The Lord and The Lord will repay him. Jesus also said that those who show mercy to the poor, the sick and the needy are in effect ministering to him personally (Matthew 25:35-40) and will be rewarded.

Our mission
To harness all available resources within the church to provide for the needy in the church.

Our tasks

    1. 1. To identify individuals who need material assistance and organize to meet their needs
    1. 2. To give support to the pastorate to assist the poor, widows and the needy within the church
For assistance request or donation contact:
Mrs. Bolaji Ireyomi 5199802412
Mr. Anthony Handsor 5192543927


OUR VISION:TO BUILD ALL-ROUND EXCELLENCE “To be a group of young Christians who promote unity among its members’ with diversified cultural backgrounds to achieve excellence in our spiritual, academic and social lives”.

OUR MISSIONS: Identifying and encouraging individuals to exhibit their God given talents for their self-benefits, group goals and societal up-liftment while making heaven our ultimate goal.

INSPIRATION: Our Vision derives from 3 John 2 and our missions adopts the characters of men of excellence in Daniel 1:17
Values/Qualities of a HOD member
D – Diligence; Proverbs 22:29
A – Assertiveness; Daniel 3:17-18
N– Noble; Genesis 39:2-3, Phil 4:8-9
I–Integrity; Daniel 1:8
E – Effectiveness in Prayer; Matthew 21:13a
L – Love and unity; Amos 3:3


  • To have constant fellowship with other youths through house fellowships and meetings on the third Friday of each month.
  • To strengthen each other by praying together
  • To seek out spiritual empowerment, enhancement and growth for all youths
  • To build familiarity and togetherness amongst the youths through social gatherings and extra-curricular activities
  • To teach and educate the youths on career decisions, pathways and life choices
  • To sensitize youth on academic excellence and strategize on how this could be accomplished
  • To expose youth to information on opportunities around them in Canada and how to make most of them. e.g. constant updates on job opportunities around
  • To update youth especially the new immigrants on their status in Canada and how to transfer to grounded immigrants


SMF was founded in 2010 to help strengthen marriages and families within the church. It was also formed to promote the growth and development of relationship in body of Christ. The goal of SMF is to provide resources in the areas of communication, fellowship, education, and Bible enrichment activities that allow godly relationship among families. The program is designed such that the married members will be role models for the singles, our children, and the community at large.
God instituted marriage according to Gen. 2:22. “Without me (Jesus) ye can do nothing.” (John 15:5).The book of Eccl. 3: 14 says “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him”. Also Heb. 3:4 says “for every house is builder by some man, but he that built all things is God.” These scriptures all show that whatever God does endures forever. SMF, thus, believes that because God instituted marriages, they are guaranteed to abide forever.


Established in 1999, “TOG Anointed Choir” seeks to worship God through music, lead people into high praise & worship, inspire and also encourage creativity and liberty in worship. Our goal is to lead the congregation into an atmosphere of praise worship through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
The choir is also well versed in a wide range of music genres. Individuals in this department must have the heart of a worshipper, and also the skills and abilities to minister before the Lord with excellence

They have partnered with various organizations where Christ is lifted up both in Windsor and all over Canada
The choir has participated in series of events over the years, to name a few, March 4 Jesus, Unprecedented praise and “In His Presence” concert.
The department meets every Saturday at 6pm for rehearsals.

Mentorship Program

Founded in 2012, the TOG mentorship program was born out of the passion to connect TOG students with caring, loving, spirit- filled adults as mentors. Also, the program is designed to give the mentees a family outside their own biological family. We do scripturally inclined programs just as Jesus sought knowledge when He was twelve; He pursued the teachers of His day. (Luke 2:46).

Show me your mentors, and I can predict your future, a wise man once said. So all we are out to do is to connect our young ones to a glorious future and make them generational testimonies.

The technical and Multimedia department

We are responsible for the audio/visual requirements of the church. The team first and foremost provides the necessary sound engineering for services and other programs to a professional standard.
This department further ensures that all computer systems run smoothly and are regularly updated according to the church’s requirements and available budget. The technical and Multimedia department consists of several skilled members and trainees this department is always seeking more volunteers as this is necessary in meeting the department’s work load demands.

Goals and objectives To evangelize and win souls for Christ by ensuring the Word of God is available to all through this medium. We are committed to ensuring we provide good quality Projection of songs and bible passages, good quality sound from all available audio-visual equipment in all our services and training individuals who are interested in joining the team.

Criteria: Members of the team must attend fresh anointing service every Sunday to perform their duties to God, must be punctual at all services, inform the leader if they would not be available in church at any point in time, they should also put in mind that this department is very demanding and commitment is highly needed and would be an assert.